Information about in-person worship during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective Sunday, November 22, in-person gatherings & worship will be suspended. Online Worship will be posted on our website weekly.

Our highest priority in planning for in-person worship has been, and continues to be, the health and safety of every one.  Sunday, November 15 will be our final in-person gathering for the time being. Our weekly worship will continue to be posted online.  


Beginning October 4, we are gathering for Morning Prayer on Sundays at 9:30 AM in the church. The service is also broadcast to car radios in the church parking lot.

Should you choose to worship in-person, either indoors or from your car, you will need to register. There are now two registration options for each service, one for INDOOR and one for DRIVE-IN worship. Please select the appropriate one when registering. PREregistration is required for those worshiping indoors, as availability is limited, more below.



The health and safety of everyone is our primary concern. In that regard, and in conjunction with the diocesan guidelines, the following are in place for indoor worship:

  • If you are under the weather, experienceing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to anyone with a suspected or confirmed case, please do not attend indoor worship. We encourage you to worship from home.

  • A maximum of 25 people can be present.

  • Preregistration is required of EVERYONE (with the exception of clergy and the assigned lector for that day) who will be in the church building. This includes vestry members, counters, altar guild, etc, anyone who will be present. If you register, but cannot come, please contact Jenn Martin (text or call), so that your spot can be opened up to another.

  • Once we reach our maximum capacity you can be placed on a waiting list through our online registration form, if you chose.

  • You will be required to check in at the registration table when you arrive.

  • Bulletins and the offering plate will be available at the registration table.

  • Enter only through the main church door in the front of the church.

  • A mask or face covering, that covers both your nose and mouth, must be worn at all times.

  • Only pews marked with a number will be available for seating.

  • An usher will seat you when you arrive, please do not move around within the church.

  • The restrooms in the lobby will be open and available for use.

  • The service will be printed in the bulletin, no books will be used.

  • Following the recession of the clergy, the congregation will be dismissed and communion will be distributed on the way out of the church. Please take the wafer with you and consume in your car.



  • You will find Drive-In registration available in our online registration area. Please preregister through that option.

  • The service will be broadcast through FM radio to cars in the church parking lot. Feel free to park in the main lot or in the spaces along Main Street.

  • A mask or face covering, that covers both your nose and mouth, must be worn when you are outside of your vehicle.

  • Someone from each car will need to register at the registration table (we still need to maintain attendance records).

  • The service will be printed in the bulletin, which will be available at the registration table.

  • The offering plate will be available at the registration table before the service.

  • If you would like to receive communion from the reserved sacrament, please remain in your car following the service. Father Joe or Deacon Chris will be around to the cars. They will need to wait until people have exited the church, so it may take a few minutes.



We will continue to offer an (audio) online worship option. This will contain the Gospel, Homily and Prayers of the People for the specific Sunday. You can also find a service of Morning Prayer on our the ONLINE WORSHIP page of our website here.


The Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem and Prince of Peace leadership continue to make all plans with everyone's health and safety as their top priority. With this in mind, policies may change and evolve. We appreciate everyone's cooperation.

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