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Updated: Mar 7

“Look at how good and pleasing it is when families live together as one.” Psalm 133:1

One recent Sunday a friend and I stayed after every one left the sanctuary to hear our excellent organist play her final piece for the day. While we enjoyed the beauty of the music, a grandfather and his two grandchildren sat down in a pew where the choir sits. The grandfather thumbed through a hymnal while his grandchildren listened to him speaking. We could not hear what he was saying to his toddler grandson, but the little one looked up at his grandpa with interest at every word. It truly was a wonderfully moving sight. We said as the music ended that my friend and I were so touched by the moment that it brought tears to our eyes. We told the grandfather how much we loved seeing their interaction. He said, “I thought my heart was filled with all the love it could hold until the grandchildren came along.” What an inspiring, heartfelt sentiment.

We are so blessed to see all the children of various ages attend Sunday school and services. We have come to recognize them and look forward to seeing them each week as they participate on their own levels. Their families are at their sides. On a Sunday not long ago, a little angel walked up the aisle during serviced and stopped before the altar steps. She looked up at Father Joe seated at the right of the altar. He noticed her standing there and his hand subtly waved to her. She then turned and walked back down the aisle. These are the special moments that fill us with joy and hope, beautiful in their sincerity and simplicity.       

Our priest said families and children form the backbone and future of our church. It truly is joyous to see them each week. Their presence sustains Prince of Peace Church and offers us a solid foundation on which our church’s future is being built. For those of us who are in the later years of our lives this knowledge instills confidence that our church that we love so much will continue. Thank you all the children and their families for the being so much an integral part of our church. You all are very special.


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