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A Poem for Easter and Always

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Do You See My Jesus?

A cross on Calgary

Holds my Jesus

His hands and feet

Scarred and bleeding.

His side pierced

His heart heavy

With pain.

Death is not proud

And ends the suffering

While Earth reels in shame.

Will You See My Jesus?

His promise for all ages

To be there, here and now.

Call His name in prayer

Seek His shining light;

In a quiet moonlit night

Wild geese in flight.

Children’s playground chatter

White lilies in bloom

Sunlight brightening a room;

Clear streams of water

A son and a daughter.

A fog-shrouded meadow

A chorus of songs

The righting of wrongs.

Sunsets and rises

Birdsong in trees

Honey from bees.

All around us true,

His gifts of love and beauty

Forever fresh and new.

He is here, now and forever.

Happy Easter

Many Thanks to Jenn Martin for finding just the right photos to accompany Prince of Peace Stories - D.A. Higgins


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