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Updated: Mar 8

“Go eat your food with gladness and drink your wine with a joyful heart

for God has always approved what you do.” Ecclesiastes 9:7

It’s doubtful any pundit has been attributed with the quote, “feed them and they will come,” but it’s certain good food goes hand-in-hand with good friends, good times, and good conversation. It is no different at Prince of Peace. We are fortunate to have a splendid array of hot coffee and tea, sweets, varieties of baked goods and oftentimes, a surprise delectable as well all served on a dainty lace tablecloth awaiting our exit from the sanctuary after services. All we have to do is partake and enjoy. While some of the culinary offerings may have been provided by volunteers, it is the not-so-obvious sentiment that surrounds the beautiful presentation of the after-services fare. This dedication is provided - free of charge – by our extraordinary “Marthas” of the kitchen. In Luke 10:38-40, we learn about sisters Martha and Mary and their interaction with Jesus. It is a story with a lesson but it is not one that chastises too harshly one sister’s decision over the other sister’s.  After all, someone had to prepare the food for Jesus!   

    We are truly blessed to have our own “Marthas” who, week after week, see that the dainty lace tablecloth covers the table, the coffee and tea are hot and the goodies are attractively placed on cut glass platters for us to enjoy. Their kitchen is spotless and when everyone is finished enjoying the food they work to ensure the place is cleaned and ready for the next week’s presentation. When another food related event is scheduled our devoted “Marthas” jump into planning and preparations once again and make the event a success, thanks to their hard work. We are also fortunate to have our go-to guy (we all know who that is) who has mastered how to be two places at the same time. And, they do it all because of their love and dedication for Prince of Peace Church. We are more than grateful for them and all that they do for our church and us. Thank you, “Marthas” and our “jack of all trades”. We don’t know what we’d do without you.

By D. A. Higgins


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