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"God is within her; she will not fall; God will help her at break of day." Psalm 46:5

Thursday, March 8 was observed as International Women's Day. It didn't seem as though it was celebrated with as much fanfare as it should have been. Internationally, nationally and certainly locally are women, famous and not so famous, who have attained goals, positions, and distinctions on levels hereto unknown to us and to the world. They have all gone before us and we need to take a moment to acknowledge them for paving the way for us here and now, even if we have yet to learn their stories.

In the world of religion, women have finally made their mark, to be recognized nationally and internationally, for their diligence hard work and dedication. We certainly know of Mother Theresa and other women whose humanitarian work on behalf of the poor is supported by religious organizations. On another front, women finally have been accepted by organized churches as eligible to serve in several capacities, being ordained as deacons, priests, ministers, bishops, and rabbis, in addition to others depending on the religion. The Anglican, Episcopal, Evangelical Lutheran, United Methodist, US Presbyterian and United Church of Christ, among others, have accepted women to serve. The achievements are monumental on all fronts.

Here at Prince of Peace, it has been my profound honor to know our two deacons, both as dedicated members of our church and as friends. They are two of the most devoted, sincere, honestly faithful women I have ever known. And I am a better Christian for the knowing. Their personal experiences have challenged their resolve but they have persevered and the faith remained resolute, to become the guiding light in their lives and in ours, through their ministries. We at Prince of Peace are truly blessed to have them both in our spiritual lives. Thank you Deacons Barb and Chris. You both are a light that shines for all of us.

by D. A. Higgins


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