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Updated: Mar 8

“The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear? Psalm 27:1By D. A. Higgins

After 10 days of cloudy skies, our area basked in brilliant sunshine for nearly a week. It certainly was a gift in February. It was nice to see people smiling and going about their business without looking gloomy or depressed. It’s amazing how light can make us feel. When we think of light we think how darkness is overshadowed and brightness gives new meaning to life. It’s easy to embrace the light, especially if we know where to look.   

When we are faced with challenging situations, pain, suffering, worry or insecurity, we only need look to the light with which Jesus shines. Each week, a group of Prince of Peace parishioners spends an hour after services discussing scripture that relates to our Gospel reading for the following week. It is a small gathering of men and women who have become very open in their discussions, oftentimes sharing personal feelings, impressions and observations. It is a refreshing, enjoyable experience that in my case has developed into deep friendships centered on respect and caring. One lovely member of our close-knit group shared a personal reference of how she copes with physical pain. She said she looks to Jesus to shine his light on her then she directs the light to the area of pain and she said the light helps the pain subside. It was a wonderful sharing that touched me and opened up an opportunity for me to seek out the light to touch my personal challenge. Each day, I ask Jesus to shine a silver light on my son-in-law who I have mentioned before is battling liver cancer. Then, when I’m sitting in the sanctuary I look up and I behold the magnificent light shining through the stained glass behind the altar. Its brilliance takes my breath away and I feel Jesus is with me. The light sustains, empowers, and provides an uplifting feeling that supports me as I confront each day.   

This is a gift I have been given by the wonderful members of Prince of Peace Church and by the church itself as the light of Jesus shines on each of us and grants us the opportunity to live in His everlasting glow.

By D. A. Higgins


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